1. He, who knows nothing but pretends to know everything, is indeed a good-for-nothing. 不懂装懂,永世饭桶。

  2. He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody. 人不自爱,焉能爱人?

  3. He laughs best who laughs last. 谁笑在最后, 谁笑得最好。


  4. He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. 从不犯错误的人一事无成。

  5. He that can read and meditate will not find his evenings long or life tedious. 会读书思索的人不会感到长夜无聊或生活乏味。

  6. He that gains time gains all things. 谁赢得时间,谁就赢得一切。

  7. He is the best general who makes the fewest mistakes. ─Hamilton 错误犯得最少的将军就是最好的将军。──汉密尔顿

  8. He who nothing questions, nothing learns. 什么也不问的人什么也学不到。

  9. He that is master of himself will soon be master of others. 能自制者方能制人。

  10. He that travels far knows much. 行万里者,见多识广。

  11. He that cannot ask cannot live. 万事不求人,哪里能生存?

  12. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. 朋友就是这样的人──他了解你的一切而仍然喜欢你。

  13. All is not gold that glitters. 闪闪发光者,未必皆黄金。

  14.All’s well that ends well. 结果好就一切都好。

  15. God helps those who help themselves. 自助者天助。

  16. Opportunity & luck always shows appreciation for those who are bold in struggling. 机遇和幸运总是垂青勇于奋斗的人。

  17. It is the peculiarity of knowledge that those who really thirst for it always get it. 凡真正渴求知识者总能得之,这就是知识的独特之处。

  18. Those who make most people happy are the happiest in the world. ─Karl Marx 能使大多数人幸福的人是世界上最幸福的人。──卡尔·马克思

  19. Those who find faults with others often lose their glamour. ─Gorky 爱找别人阴暗面的人,自己也常常失去魅力。──高尔基

  20. He conquers twice, who upon victory overcomes himself. ─Francis Bacon 在获得胜利之后而能克制自己的人,获得了双重的胜利。 ──弗朗西斯·培根

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