China Wants toBuild a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Within 7 Years


The ChinaShipbuilding Industry Corporation announced on Tuesday a list of ambitions ithopes to achieve in weaponry and technical developments for the People'sLiberation Army-Navy by 2025, the state-backed Global Times reported.



The defensecompany said it will "speed the up the process of making technologicalbreakthroughs in nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, new-type nuclearsubmarines, quiet submarines, maritime unmanned intelligent confrontationsystems, maritime three-dimensional offensive and defensive systems and navalwarfare comprehensive electronic information systems," according to the GlobalTimes.


It was the firsttime a Chinese defense firm revealed that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrierwas on its list of priorities, the Global Time notes, adding that the ChinaShipbuilding Industry Corporation "removed the sentence involvingnuclear-powered vessels from the announcement on its site." It's unclearwhy this action was taken.


For now, China'snavy has two aircraft carriers running on conventional oil. The French Navy'sflagship, the Charles de Gaulle, is the only non-US aircraft carrier powered bynuclear reactors. Each Nimitz-class and Ford-class carrier in the US Navy is orwill be run by nuclear power.


China's ambitionis to have four carrier groups operating with the People's Liberation Army-Navyby 2030. The Liaoning is currently the only carrier in the fleet, but the Type001A is expected to go into full service by the end of 2018. The Type 001A wasthe first aircraft carrier built by shipyard workers in China, yet China isalready at work building its third domestically produced carrier. The Liaoningis derived from an old and unfinished Soviet hull Beijing purchased fromUkraine, the Varyag, which was to have become a Kuznetsov-class carrier beforethe Soviet Union was dissolved.



22:57 28.02.2018 |-4
and they may verywell do it. But, as was stated yesterday by a commentator, in this age ofdifferent types of weapons, the carrier becomes a target...a carrier is notthat effective at the bottom of the ocean...


22:57 28.02.2018 |-4
Lol can’t believehow far Russia and China are in term of miltary and technology


Cooler Heads
02:02 01.03.2018 |-1
China has figuredout (as did the Soviet Union) that it is much harder to sink an aircraftcarrier than the armchair generals would have you believe. Hence, they aremoving at warp-speed to build their own fleet to counter the U.S. China's"carrier killer" ballistic missiles are only useful againststationary ships. They can't target moving ships on the open ocean. The Sovietsand the U.S. tried and abandoned anti-ship ballistic missiles for the exactsame reason. You can't hit a moving target with a ballistic missile, onlystationary targets.
Anti-ship missileshave been around for 70 years. It's been 75 years since an aircraft carrier wassunk, despite carriers (U.S., U.K., and France) taking on nations thatpossessed the latest and greatest anti-ship missiles. China understands thisand is acting accordingly to build their own competitive fleet.



India NuclearIndia nuclear-USA-19 hours ago
No worry. India isbuilding nuclear powered bullock carts


India Sick Man OfSouth Asia2958 India Sick Man Of South-Hyderabad-41 mins ago
China might have anuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the water by 2025 to bolster its maritimedefences, according to the country’s main supplier of warships. Let see by 2025when china got it. remember the date.


SaranathanLakshminarasimhan20257 SaranathanLakshminarasimhan-chennai-11 hours ago
it is a danger tothe world



They can make allthe aircraft carriers they want, but it will take years for them to learnCOMBAT tactics that the "west" has been sharpening since WW2.


Luca MazzaFuturist
And that were souseful to the US to win in North Vietnam, to pacify Iraq, to give back Crimeato Ukraine and to force Iran to give up their nuclear program


Those largecarriers will be very vulnerable sailing through those 3 large natural islandchains that lie between China and the oceans. India's BrahMos anti-ship missileis 1-shot-1-kill and can knock out any surface vessel China cares to field -even a CVN.


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