'Pakistan on short list of 5G-ready countries with Zong's successful trial'



China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak, popularly known as Zong) on Thursday successfully conducted 5G trials in Pakistan, a press release issued by the company said.


By doing so, Zong has become "the first and only operator to officially test 5G services in the country", the statement added.


An official from Zong while speaking to Dawn News TV explained that while 4G speeds cover a bandwidth of 50-100mb/s, 5G will deliver at least 1GB/s. He said that in today's trials, a speed of 1.14 GB/s was achieved.

Zong公司官员在接受黎明新闻电视台采访时表示,4G速度介于50-100mb/s,而5G至少可以提供1GB/s的速度。在今天的测试中,速度达到了1.14 GB/s。

"This success marks an important milestone in Pakistan's telecom sector," said Zong CEO Wang Hua at an event in Islamabad held to conduct the test.


"5G will herald a new era in Pakistan's social and economic sectors," he added.


According to the company's handout, "Zong believes that 5G will bring more profound and long-term changes to Pakistan's economic transformation, social progress, and people's livelihood improvement in future. It is expected that 5G will have an impact on health care, agriculture and education."


The Zong CEO also announced that the company will establish a 5G innovation centre in Pakistan in collaboration with Huawei, for which a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed at the event.


He reminded the audience that five years ago, it was CMPak that had first brought 4G technology to Pakistan. Hua said that the introduction of 5G services is an important pillar to meet future technological needs.


PTA chairman retired Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa also spoke on the occasion. "The country will soon be able to enjoy 5G services which will be introduced for commercial purposes," he said.

巴基斯坦电信管理局主席退休Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa也在会上发言。他说:“巴基斯坦很快就能享受5G商用服务。”

He said that the Authority was making efforts in this regard and recognises that the introduction of 5G services would bring in a technological revolution.


Information Technology and Telecommunication Division Secretary Shoaib Siddiqui lauded the efforts by PTA and congratulated CMPak on becoming the first to have the achievement under their belt.

信息技术和电信部秘书Shoaib Siddiqui对巴基斯坦电信管理局的努力表示赞赏,并祝贺CMPak成为首家取得这一成就的公司。

“I would like to take this moment in congratulating Zong for becoming the first Pakistani telecommunications operator to have successfully conducted the 5G trial and putting Pakistan on a short-list of countries which are 5G ready,” he said.


"Zong is an important part of the ties that bind the two countries together," added Siddiqui.


The IT secretary said that the government aims to bring in other major developments via the Information Technology sector as well. "It is the right of every Pakistani to be able to compete in terms of technology with the developed countries of the world," he added.



译文来源:三泰虎 https://www.santaihu.com/48292.html   译者:Jessica.Wu


about 16 hours ago

Proud of you ......well done



Hansi about 16 hours ago

great news.. please rollout the 5 g as fast as possible.. 5 g is very important futur technology.. its key technology for economic success.

好消息. .请尽快推出5G ..5G是未来非常重要的技术,是取得经济成功的关键技术。

Osman Karim Khara about 16 hours ago

@Hansi, .... The key technology is nano technology.

@Hansi, ....关键技术是纳米技术


Osman Karim Khara about 16 hours ago

Zong CEO says the company will establish a 5G research centre in collaboration with the government of Pakistan. Very important. Japanese surgeons do surgery in other countries by robotics using G5. Pakistanis need to learn the system.



Rana Talukdar about 16 hours ago

Congratulation pakistan, u r ahead of India introducing 5G.


Jo about 16 hours ago

@Rana Talukdar, It is not rolled out but just trials. Trials in India were done long time bac

@Rana Talukdar,这不是推出5G,只是测试而已。印度的5G测试早就完成了。


Zak about 16 hours ago

@Rana Talukdar, You were ALWAYS light years ahead.

@Rana Talukdar,你们一直比印度领先几个光年好吧。


Babur about 16 hours ago

Once 5g gets rolled out into Pakistani homes and government services, the Chinese will have all personal data of each 5G user.



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