Chennai: Woman strangles husband after adding sleeping pills to his dosa



CHENNAI: A 23-year-old woman were arrested on Tuesday for killing her husband by adding sleeping pills to his dosa and strangulating him. Her friend has also been arrested for helping her.


Anupriya, the woman, claimed that her husband Suresh, 26, died of excessive consumption of alcohol. However, autopsy reports revealed that he had consumed excessive sleeping pills and was strangled to death.

这名女子名叫阿努普里亚,她称自己的丈夫苏雷什, 26岁,死于过量饮酒。然而,验尸报告显示,他服用了过量的安眠药,是被勒死的。

During interrogations, Anupriya admitted to have killed him along with her boyfriend, Murasoli Maran, 22.


Suresh, her husband, was working at a meat shop in Puthagaram near Puzhal. He married Anupriya in 2014 in Villupuram. The couple has a four-year-old child. The family was barely able to make ends meet.


Recently, Anupriya got a job at a medical shop in Kolathur. Her husband did not like her being busy on phone calls for long and used to rebuke her.


Police said he raised this issue with her and said he did not like her habit of sending text messages to others late in the night. On some occassions, he also beat her up.


Police said Anupriya decided to eliminate Suresh as she considered him a hindrance to her peaceful life. She took the help of her friend Murasoli, who was from her hometown in Villupuram district.


On Sunday night, she mixed sleeping pills in the dosa batter before serving him dinner. After he fell asleep, she called Murasoli and they both strangulated him. While Murasoli left the house, Anupriya slept beside him and in the morning told neighbours that Suresh had died in sleep due to excess alcohol consumption.


Based on the autopsy report, police confirmed that it was a case of murder. They interrogated her and arrested Murasoli for his role as an accomplice in the crime.

Both were remanded in judicial custody on Tuesday.



译文来源:三泰虎 https://www.santaihu.com/48609.html   译者:Jessica.Wu


Shasti Brata4 hours ago

Wow! The woman actually slept through the night with her dead husband by her side! How cruel! She could have dumped him if he was really abusing her physucally. It appears like a crime propelled by raging hormones and passions! Now she is going to spend quality time behind bars, and not having access to the boyfriend for whose sake she did this cruel deed! The child is the REAL victim here!








DesiChennai6 hours ago

she slept the whole night with a dead body, not even a psycho can do that, seriously insane



Raja6 hours ago

She should be hanged without enquiry. her friend should be sent to jail for mini 10 yesrs



Vejin HimasaMumbai3 hours ago

She liked the other guy''s dingdong more, she could''ve divorced or even just run away from her husband but instead she decided to murder him. So many lives wasted in the process.



Mowgli Jungle3 hours ago

Things could have been better if she added viagra into his dosa. Silly wife.



Rnedumaran6 hours ago

God, save that 4 year old child. please.



selvarajc4 hours ago

Nari sakthi. empowerment of women.



GautamMotihari8 hours ago

what the hell..!! Now a days, women have one simple philosophy.. Whoever asks them not to do something, just close their mouth by killing them peacefully..!! And act like they were the most concerned person..!!



Anil NairTrivandrum2 hours ago

There is something called divorce. If you are not happy in a marriage or has fallen in love with some one else after marriage, divorce and start a new life. Why kill your partner and wreck two lives or more?



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